About Us

The driving focus of Lenkbar is intuitive innovation: innovation that the surgeon has always thought possible, and now actually is. With innovation comes efficiency, with efficiency comes value, with value comes satisfaction. The Lenkbar Institute brings a new focus on inventing and developing instruments which deliver surgeon satisfaction and clinical value.  BSI has ISO 13485-certified Lenkbar for both design and manufacturing.  Lenkbar’s products are available through direct distribution channels, as well as through OEM industry partners.

To give surgeons the ability to shape their tools to the situations before them, Lenkbar developed the most robust flexible surgical shaft available: FlexMetric®(US Pat. 8366559). FlexMetric® navigates the angles the surgeon desires while retaining the shaft strength the surgeon needs.   FlexMetric® maintains its shaft strength in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Another technology developed by Lenkbar is the patent-pending Expandable Profile Reamer: DreamReam™Expandable Profile Reamers & Planers. DreamReam™ Expandable Profile Reamers and Planers allows surgeons to prepare the recipient bone for total joint replacement replacement in a manner that minimizes collateral tissue damage.