With flexibility, there is strengthLenkbar is Intuitive Innovation

With innovation comes efficiency, with efficiency comes value, with value comes satisfaction.

By listening to the needs of today’s orthopedic surgeon, Lenkbar brings intuition to innovation and delivers clinical value to the surgeon. And to the surgeon’s patients.

lenkbar: [lenk-bahr] adj (German-English transl.) “flexible yet controlled”

FlexMetric® navigates the angles the surgeon desires while retaining the shaft strength the surgeon needs.   Shaft strength is maintained in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

FlexMetric® ACL Reamer

With the FlexMetric® ACL Reamer, surgeons can reach the ACL directly, with less damage to bone.

FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill

The FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill maintains axis and control and creates a true arc that doesn’t wobble.

DreamReam™ Glenoid Reamer

DreamReam™ Expandable Profile Reamer has adjustable and          expandable blades that increase the cutting surface by up to          280%.

DreamReam™ Calcar Planer

The DreamReam™ Calcar Planer (patent pending) allows for variable expansion of the planer head for minimally invasive and anterior approach total hip replacement procedures.

DreamReam™ is Cannulated

The DreamReam™ is cannulated, giving the surgeon the ability to channel the DreamReam™ head over either a guide wire or guide pin until it reaches the glenoid.

DreamReam™ is Adjustable

Because it is adjustable to fit most broaches, and can be made to fit any broach, the DreamReam™ Calcar Planer eliminates the need for multiple reamer sizes.