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Flexible Surgical Shaft

To give surgeons the ability to shape their tools to the situations before them, Lenkbar developed the most robust flexible surgical shaft available: FlexMetric® (US Pat. 8366559). FlexMetric® navigates the angles the surgeon desires while retaining the shaft strength the surgeon needs.   FlexMetric® maintains its shaft strength in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill

The FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill maintains axis and control and creates a true arc that doesn’t wobble.

FlexMetric® ACL reamer

With the FlexMetric® ACL Reamer, surgeons can reach the ACL directly, with less damage to bone.

When you put the right tool in the surgeon’s hand, the surgeon becomes more precise, more efficient. Clinical value is the result.

Erik Papenfuss - President at Lenkbar LLC

The FlexMetric® drill works with the surgeon, rather than against. It is tactile, responsive and, best of all, predictable.

Dr. H. Morton Bertram, III - Medical Director at