Flexible Surgical Shaft

To give surgeons the ability to shape their tools to the situations before them, Lenkbar developed the most robust flexible surgical shaft available: FlexMetric® (US Pat. 8366559). FlexMetric® navigates the angles the surgeon desires while retaining the shaft strength the surgeon needs.   FlexMetric® maintains its shaft strength in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. We can manipulate our FlexMetric® shaft to fit into any of your OEM needs. We also provide private labelling on all parts.

FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill

The FlexMetric® Acetabular Drill maintains axis and control and creates a true arc that doesn’t wobble.

FlexMetric® ACL reamer

With the FlexMetric® ACL Reamer, surgeons can reach the ACL directly, with less damage to bone.