Patented flexible technology used for a variety of downstream applications

Meet the FlexMetric® Technology

Our FlexMetric® technology allows for flexible solutions to minimize wound exposure, and maximize efficiency


  • Enables surgical drilling, reaming, and shaving around corners
  • Cannulated, flexible shaft
  • Flexibility helps navigate angles while retaining shaft strength
  • Capable of clockwise and counterclockwise movement


  • Reduced infection rate and bone necrosis
  • Smaller wound exposure and reduced operating time
  • Shortened patient recovery time
  • Lowers overall cost of care

"With flexibility, there is strength"

Products Using FlexMetric® Technology

Private Labeling Available 

Flexible Acetabular Drill

  • Maintains axis and control while creating a true arc non-wobble rotation (clockwise and counterclockwise).
  • Ability to navigate angles while retaining shaft strength
  • Standard drill lengths and diameters available
  • Sizes 3.2MM 4.0MM and 4.5MM and other custom sizes available

Flexible ACL Reamers

  • Cannulated FlexMetric® design that allows it to navigate angles while retaining the shaft strength
  • Manufactured with 1, 2, 4 & 5 sided heads
  • Sizes 4.5MM to 16MM
  • Flexible and rigid shafts available for all sizes

Marxman Flexible/Conventional Bone Harvester

  • Patented FlexMetric® Technology
  • Flexible bone marrow harvesting device
  • Flexible, Straight and Conventional


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