Expandable Profile Reamers and Planers

DreamReam™ Expandable Profile Reamers and Planers allow surgeons to prepare the recipient bone for total joint replacement in a manner that minimizes collateral tissue damage. DreamReam™ is helping OEM’s with flexible solutions.

DreamReam™ Glenoid Reamer

The DreamReam™ is cannulated, giving the surgeon the ability to channel the DreamReam™ head over either a guide wire or guide pin until it reaches the glenoid.

Once on the glenoid, the surgeon deploys the adjustable and expandable blades of DreamReam™ Expandable Profile Reamer, increasing the cutting surface by up to 280%.

Once the glenoid preparation is complete, the surgeon retracts the blade expansions into the DreamReam™ head and removes the instrument from the wound, again minimizing collateral tissue damage.

DreamReam™ Calcar Planer

The DreamReam™ Calcar Planer (patent pending) also allows for variable expansion of the planer head for minimally invasive and anterior approach total hip replacement procedures.  Because it is adjustable to fit most broaches and can be made to fit any broach, the DreamReam™ Calcar Planer eliminates the need for multiple reamer sizes on a case.